Who is on the national entity?

The national entity is a board made up of one regional representative from each of the six regions.  Our six trustees are:

  • Linda Ngata (Chair)
  • Jordan Winiata (Secretary)
  • Carol Te Huna (Treasurer)
  • Leytia Preston
  • Owen Lloyd
  • Taka Hei

You can see the six regions on our website here – regions.

Why do we have a national entity?

So we can engage at a national level with government and non-government organisations.  We want to be able to partner with other national organisations and head offices, and now we can talk rangatira ki te rangatira.

What is our purpose?

Our core purpose is and always will be Aroha ki te tangata.  This is the thread that binds all Māori Wardens’ assocations across the motu.

What is our big goal?

Our big goal is for Māori Wardens to be united, valued and well supported.

The national organisation’s job is to support and serve the Māori Wardens’ regions.